Grounding & Bonding Technical Training Course

Technical Training Course Grounding and Bonding

About The Grounding & Bonding Training Course

It has been estimated that more than 70 percent of all electrical problems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems are due to poor bonding and grounding of electrical equipment. Without proper grounding and bonding, electrical and electronic equipment is subject to catastrophic damage. Personal injury or death may also result. This electrical grounding and bonding class, based on Soares Grounding and Bonding, 2017, will give participants a comprehensive understanding of practical applications of proper grounding and bonding practices that will help you comply with the requirements of the National Electrical Code.

Who Should Attend This Training?

Plant engineers, maintenance managers, electricians, and others who have an interest in grounding and bonding of electrical systems.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

You'll be able to:

  • Apply basic fundamental information on electrical circuits, electric shock, and overcurrent device operation
  • Perform grounding of electrical systems and equipment for safety
  • Identify the fundamentals of grounding for systems, services, feeders, branch circuits, and equipment
  • Identify requirements for sizing bonding and grounding conductors and equipment, grounding electrodes and grounding electrode conductors
  • Identify requirements for grounding separately derived systems
  • Perform grounding at buildings or structures
  • Identify requirements for grounding special systems, such as for hazardous (classified) locations, agricultural buildings, health care facilities, swimming pools, and electric signs
  • Identify requirements for electronic equipment and limited energy system grounding and bonding requirements
  • Understand basic fundamentals on lighting protection

Course Duration: 2 Days
Course Code: BOND

Class times are from 8 AM to 4 PM. All students must wear closed-toed shoes and long pants in the shop and lab areas. Safety glasses will be provided.

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